Letters from the issue of Thursday, July 7, 2005

The City of Phoenix, as well, should apologize and correct the wrong it did to the Arriagas. The money the city and Maricopa County are wasting on a senseless third trial should go to the Arriagas so they can build the retirement home they had planned.

The city took away a family member when it put Luciano Arriaga Jr. in prison. That must have been so stressful for his parents and brother. I pray that this family gets their lives back.
Lisa Aquino, Bakersfield, California

Family values: This is such a horrible thing to happen to a family. I commend the Arriagas for supporting their son.

The City of Phoenix needs to admit fault and fire the officer involved. How can it allow him to stay on?!

Also, the case must be dropped. Don't waste any more taxpayer funds for this third trial. Louie Arriaga needs to be left alone to heal along with his family.
Sally Aguilar, Pinedale, California

A threat to society: Yes, I would also like to know what to do to get this cop off the streets. In fact, it is the City of Phoenix's responsibility to get him off the streets. He should be fired and given medical attention for his problems.

He almost killed a human being, for what? The running of a stop sign! The officer who stopped him didn't follow the guidelines that an officer of the law is supposed to follow. Then, the officer is given only a slap on the hand!

Yes, this is very scary. I would not want to run into Officer Warren Poole in a dark alley, or in any alley. He is a threat to society.
Jaime Fuentez, Selma, California

Trial an error: The county attorney should drop the charges against Luciano Arriaga Jr. The fact that the county wants to take him to trial a third time is simply outrageous! What a waste of taxpayer money.

All that money Luciano's family had to spend on defense, my God! That was supposed to be for a retirement home after years of working.

I read that Mr. Arriaga Sr. is a veteran of the armed services. What a disgrace to his family after promising to give his life for his country. What was done to this family is such a tragedy. All because a sick cop, probably with a hangover that morning, used poor judgment.

This case needs to be closed. It has dragged on too long!
Michael Wiger, via the Internet

Capital Gains

Contrary Mary: I was appalled, but not surprised (I moved to [Arizona] from the Chicago area, where corrupt politicians abound), after reading your column about Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox ("Sweetheart Deal," John Dougherty, June 16). There are not many things worse than an elected public official using her office for personal gain and benefit.

And when exposed, such public officials always seem to have the same weak reply: "I don't remember, I don't know, I don't recall, I didn't check, I thought everything was okay."

If Mary Rose Wilcox is so ignorant of what's happening in real life, she isn't smart enough to be a supervisor!

Wonder if Sheriff Joe Arpaio picked up any of the property he refuses to tell New Times about in a similar manner?

I was still thinking about elected public officials screwing the public -- and how there are not many things worse -- when I read about Luciano Arriaga Jr. in the same [edition of New Times].

His story is an example of an even greater abuse of power. This story is about a lying, drinking, lunatic bigot with a gun who's sworn to "serve and protect." Arriaga should be given a public apology, a full pardon, and a very, very large check!

Both of these cases should be referred to a grand jury. APS should be investigated as well. And the feds should take an active interest in both cases.

Please don't print my name and address. I have to drive through Maricopa County and Phoenix to get to Sky Harbor Airport, and I wouldn't look good in pink underwear.
Name withheld by request

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