Bachelor Number One

Ben there, done that

NT: But what about these magazine articles that try to redraft the whole marriage and dating scene? I mean, you do realize that this stuff is just cooked up by magazine writers and editors, right? Ben Jones is just an old story -- boy wants to meet girls -- that's been recast.

Broadley: But at the core of society, it's an important story to tell: "Hey, guys, let's notice that there are guys who want long-term commitment, too." There are guys that are good guys, too, who are not just out for something less than that.

NT: Sex? Say it!

Take a letter, Marie Claire, address it to my wife.
Blair Bunting
Take a letter, Marie Claire, address it to my wife.

Broadley: Well, yeah, but it comes down to two people wanting to be together, which gets lost. Even though you think it's just a story that's been recast, I see patterns in all these letters I'm receiving from these ladies. One of them is "How refreshing it is to hear from a guy's point of view."

NT: Okay. In the spirit of Marie Claire, let's wrap up with a Tiger Beat quiz. Mark, what's your favorite color?

Broadley: What's Tiger Beat?

NT: You don't know what Tiger Beat is?

Broadley: I grew up in South Africa.

NT: It's a magazine for teenaged girls. Lots of photos of androgynous, preteen boys, and these inane articles like, "Will Donny Marry You If You're Not Mormon?"

Broadley: Hmm. I'll have to look for that.

NT: Okay. Tiger Beat quiz: What's your favorite color?

Broadley: Probably red?

NT: Okay.

Broadley: Blue! I don't know. Green, maybe? I'm a guy. Are we supposed to have a favorite color?

NT: According to Tiger Beat, you are. You're also supposed to have a favorite movie.

Broadley: I definitely have a bunch of those.

NT: You're only allowed to have one favorite. That's what makes it a favorite.

Broadley: One of them would be Shawshank Redemption.

NT: A prison movie! Okay. What's your favorite organ meat?

Broadley: What's organ meat?

NT: Liver. Heart. Spleen.

Broadley: This is what I'm supposed to eat?

NT: Mark, how do you expect to land a wife if you don't know what organ meat is? And refusing to eat it could be a deal breaker, you know.

Broadley: I'm open to it. I've had liver before. Is foie gras liver? I like that.

NT: Maybe finding a wife in a magazine isn't your best bet. Have you thought about doing it the old-fashioned way, like on a reality TV show?

Broadley: I won't be doing any of those just yet. But I'm open to anything. I'm just very flattered [that Marie Claire chose me]. And sometimes it's just a case of "You're never going to get the job if you don't file the application."

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