Jumbo Lovin'

Jett and Kreme squeeze into Scottsdale's Buster McNutty's to party with the large lovely ladies of Club FullFilled

"I've always been drawn to bigger women," says Dutch. "I lost my virginity to a big woman, which may be the reason. But it's not just me. Everything these days is becoming more and more reality-based. And I think people are sick of what the media gives them, these skinny models, when only one in a hundred women is like that."

"Well, you're totally a hottie," Jett, finally coming 'round, tells Ditto. "You just look voluptuous to me, not fat."

"Thank you," she replies. "BBWs come in all shapes and sizes. It's a whole category of women, and that's why I started my agency, because no one else was catering to BBWs and the demand for them."

The J-unit and I mingle some more, and soon run into another booful big gal named Yvette Jackson, who's in the midst of starting up a clothing company called Big Beauty Wear (BBW, get it?). Action Jackson tells us she's here to hang out, not really to promote. Seems she'd had a blind date she'd set up online, but it didn't work out and she cut it short.

"Club FullFilled sort of gives you a safe environment to meet people," the zaftig cutie confesses. "Then if you're not hitting it off with the person, you can be like, 'Talk to you later.'"

"That's nutty, because some of my colleagues labor under the impression that well-fed femmebots are easier to get next to, and if the shorty's thicka than a snicka, she'll give it up easy," I say.

"Some of the guys just want to knock boots with you and go home," she sighs. "And like in every group, whether you're small or big, there are girls that are easy, and they give you a bad rep. But me and my friends, we're not like that. I'm afraid you're gonna have to work a little harder to get mine."

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