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This big band doesn't cover Artie Shaw

Kudos for coming up with the name of your band, but I have to admit that for a group that's named after the sex urge, I rarely feel like getting it on while listening to your music . . .

"Yeah, I can understand that. We played with a German band named Missouri on this tour, and they pronounce it 'Misery,' but they're a very kind of sexual band, kind of a Roxy Music/Spandau Ballet feel. We're definitely a 180 from that. But you know how band names are. It's something someone came up with at practice and it just kind of stuck."

You're about, what, six weeks into touring for the album. It's pretty dense and strange material sometimes. How has it been received?

Head of Femur doesn't play that old-time rock 'n' roll.
Head of Femur doesn't play that old-time rock 'n' roll.


Scheduled to perform on Wednesday, August 17
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"Great reviews have been pouring in all the time. Pitchfork dug it, Alternative Press gave it five stars. We haven't had any slams yet. A few raised eyebrows, a few question marks, but nobody's been like, 'This is shit,' which is cool."

I read an interview recently, and when you guys were asked what kind of band you were in, someone said "art rock." Think that's an accurate description?

"Oh, I don't know, that's the quintessential question, isn't it? Somebody says, 'You're in a band, what does your band sound like?' Most guys are reticent to say, 'cause you gotta be careful. Anything you say has a million different connotations to all kinds of people. I think we've tried to make a conscious answer not to pick a particular style, though I suppose I could see someone referring to it as 'art rock,' which just basically seems to refer to someone a little more creative than your traditional rock band, someone trying to exist outside of the framework of the standard stuff, which we definitely are."

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