Bird in Hand

U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton has a rare opportunity to investigate Sheriff Joke. Will he do it?

I contacted Spector on August 3 and asked him about the SEC investigation and consent decree.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said before hanging up the phone.

But Spector apparently did know what I was talking about. He resigned from ADOT on August 8.

Here's hoping loyalty only runs so far.
Here's hoping loyalty only runs so far.

Doug Nintzel, ADOT's public information officer, declined to comment on Spector's sudden resignation and refused to release other information about him except his salary and hiring and promotion dates.

It's a very bad sign when a state agency the size of ADOT hires someone as its chief auditor who's signed an SEC consent decree to settle a fraud investigation.

Governor Janet Napolitano should quickly begin a major housecleaning of ADOT's upper management. If she doesn't, ADOT's serious financial problems could mushroom into a major campaign issue for her next year.

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