Letters from the issue of Thursday, August 18, 2005

Run, Florist, Run!

Dishing it out: I have to say that the review of My Florist Cafe was the worst article that I have ever read ("Grade Inflation," Cafe, Stephen Lemons, August 4). I have been reading New Times since the beginning, and never have I come across such a horrible misrepresentation of a restaurant. Mr. Lemons must have an awful grudge against the owner. What else would explain this terrible review?

The food has always been fresh and good any time I have been there. I think Mr. Lemons should learn what good food is before he goes dishing out such harsh words to a place that so many love.

Owner David Lacy has done a wonderful job making a great place for the neighborhood, including the businesses in that area. It was an area that was going downhill fast, and Mr. Lacy took the risk and made something of his place. How awful of Mr. Lemons to try to tear that down with such harshness!

I am saddened that someone in Mr. Lemons' position decides to take such a low road and spread such words. I wonder what the others in the maddening crowd of ladies will have to say when they read Mr. Lemons' garbage.
Brenda Fulkerson, Phoenix

Piano player, good; food, bad: The food at My Florist Cafe totally sucks ass! One of the most nauseating things I had there was the spinach and artichoke dip appetizer. I swear that the restaurant hollowed out a piece of that God-awful bread and slapped the contents in there!

And, yes, the bread is bad -- it is nearly impossible to eat a sandwich without getting a sore jaw. And the pastries suck, too.

I seriously think people go there just to hear the crazy piano player. And, oh my God, she is good! But I don't want to compete with an ear-splittingly loud medley of tunes from The Phantom of the Opera while I try to have polite dinner conversation.

Overall, though, My Florist would be such a cool place if it just had good food. Thank you for suffering through eating there so that Phoenix diners could have confirmation that all their unsatisfied feelings are valid.
Stephanie Moos, Tempe

A differing view: I am very disappointed by the comments of Stephen Lemons in the article on My Florist Cafe. I have eaten at my share of bad restaurants, and the worst of them are better than the way Mr. Lemons characterizes this establishment. I believe the word "slander" sums up Mr. Lemons' description.

Further, I would like to comment that I have eaten at My Florist several times and was never disappointed with the service, food or entertainment. It is obvious that Mr. Lemons has some kind of personal vendetta against the owner or one of the workers at My Florist and is using his powers to vent. He should be ashamed of himself.
Dan Todd, Phoenix

Breaking bread: I just wanted to let you know that your article on My Florist Cafe is so true! All of my friends love the place, but I will never eat there again. Every time I tried to eat one of those damn bread sandwiches, my mouth was all torn up on the inside the next day. Oh, and what about that bread salad?!

That establishment is toast.
Treg Bradley, Phoenix

In need of improvement: Bravo on your review of My Florist Cafe! I have eaten there on a number of occasions with the hope that things would improve on my next visit. But, alas, my hopes were dashed each time. Phoenix needs this establishment to succeed. Perhaps your accurate appraisal will push the owners into action.
Neil Schneider, Phoenix

Not a suck-up: I must say that I enjoy Stephen Lemons' articles and his tell-it-how-it-really-is attitude. Most critics are suck-ups, and he is a breath of fresh air! Although, if I ever get a chance to open my own restaurant, I hope he will be gentle!
Lou Swartz, Gilbert

Dead on: I just read your review of My Florist Cafe, and you are dead on about the place. I have always wondered, what's the big deal about My Florist?

The sign outside is the only really cool thing. Once you get past that, it's downhill. You are right about the food, and I don't even think the ambiance is so special.

I think having Nicole Pesce play there is actually a bad idea. Although I agree that she is very talented, the acoustics in that room are horrible (especially for a passionate piano player). There are no noise-softening surfaces, so the room is an echo chamber. I could not really enjoy her playing, nor could I really hear what my friends were saying to me from two seats away.

I really appreciate your honesty, and your ability to pan a place that deserves it. In Phoenix, it is refreshing.
Harrison Hurwitz, Phoenix

A not-so-subtle plug: Thanks for being so honest; this place bites big time! I can't believe ambiance can get to people so much. Just because the place looks like a San Fran restaurant does not mean we have to pay for overpriced and bad food. You need to write more honest articles like this one.

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