The Euro Stops Here

Eurovox's mod musin' sounds straight outta Camden, not Mesa

"I think satellite is going to compound it even further here," says Hammond. "It's becoming more and more segregated. Satellite will probably lead to stations like 'The Hits of 1984,' where that's all they play."

Not surprisingly, Hammond bristles at the notion that Eurovox could find itself lumped in as a retro format. "It's not retro. Obviously there's some influences there from the '60s, '70s and '80s, but it's the mod twist on that, I hope. Most people don't get it," he says. "The people that do, we're just a good lil' band. We're fun to watch, we're all just a little left of nuts, we have a good time. The songs are solid -- they're all pop, stuff that will stick in your head while you're trying to sleep later that night."

Having set the roadmap for Eurovox with This Is . . . , there's no reason in Hammond's mind that Eurovox need ever expand its sound, add new members and spend more than a day bashing a song into shape in the recording studio.

Eurovox: Cool Britannia thrives in the desert.
Jeff Newton
Eurovox: Cool Britannia thrives in the desert.


Scheduled to perform on Friday, September 16, and Saturday, September 17
McDuffy's Tempe (9/16), The Gig in Scottsdale (9/17)

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"Most bands build up. We went backwards. I'm hoping to get to the point when we're four or five albums down the road and there's nothing but complete silence. Just the sound of air."

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