Letters from the issue of Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have seen what you described in "Hardball" many times. The perspective of who wins what tournaments is absolutely right on. No one knows and no one remembers one week later, so everyone (coaches, players and parents) could definitely take it down a notch.

But the most important part of your article to me was that since almost none of these kids will make it to the pros, start concentrating on the academic side of baseball. It would be a great honor to get any type of academic scholarship to anywhere and also be able to play a little ball.

I do believe that baseball and other athletics make kids better students. They are more likely to be focused and harder-working and get better grades. This will certainly help when it comes time for college. Sports teach kids many things about teamwork, effort and sacrifice, which will serve them later in life.

And, hopefully, we adults will learn how to have more fun letting them be kids playing a kids' game.
Frank Mineo, Paradise Valley

Safe at home: I totally enjoyed the article on youth baseball/sports. It's very well-written and captures the story of youth sports well. Hope Robert Nelson and his son Andrew are finding that "balance" they're seeking.
Terry McMackin, via the Internet

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