Radar Love

Scratching the surface of classical music

"Red Bull isn't about branding," Radar tells me. "They're cutting-edge, they want something off the main path. I was really hesitant about 'Red Bull presents . . . ,' but they made my dream happen. No record label could have afforded this." He puts the figure at around a half-million dollars for the entire production. "They've done more than any record label ever would."

The Carnegie Hall world première of Concerto for Turntable isn't where the saga ends, though. There will be a DVD, a scratch notation book, a solo album, and yes, another classical composition. "The second one will be that much better," Radar says. "It's been such a learning experience; Raul and I have grown so much as musicians."

He also hopes to return to teaching turntablism at Scottsdale Community College in the near future, where he wants to merge Yañez's talents with his curriculum, adding composing techniques to the syllabus.

Radar's range: The DJ performs at Gammage in 2001.
Radar's range: The DJ performs at Gammage in 2001.
DJ Radar with ASU's symphony orchestra.
DJ Radar with ASU's symphony orchestra.

Yet Yañez, who teaches music at an elementary school, hasn't lost his humility. He points out that, thus far, the full three movements have never been performed (the orchestra will rehearse for the three days preceding the show). "It's all theoretical at this point. We've got to pray it's going to work." Then he laughs. "You've gotta understand my insecurity; it's the most prestigious hall in the world."

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