Gore Gore Girls

Sweet and rough

Garage dwellers: The Gore Gore Girls crank up the fuzz.
Garage dwellers: The Gore Gore Girls crank up the fuzz.

Named after H.G. Lewis's 1972 B-horror film, the Gore Gore Girls are the queens of the southeast Michigan garage-rock scene that grew up in the late '90s and went mainstream with the success of the White Stripes. Decked out in spike-heeled boots, fishnets, striped stockings, matching outfits, and '60s-style bouffants, the GGG deliver nonstop flame-thrower rock that's as much Stooges as it is Ronettes, that's as much punk as it is R&B, that rocks as much as it grooves -- so expect plenty of guitar fuzz, primal drums, and layered girl-group harmonies. Their fluid lineup revolves around guitarist-singer-songwriter Amy Surdu, but that's just another way of saying they go through members as quickly as the Queens of the Stone Age. The latest change-up is the replacement of hottie/bassist Jen "The Deuce" Pirch -- who left to pursue a more scholarly path -- with Nick Detroit, their first Gore Gore . . . er, Dude?

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