Worst part were the desserts. Made me want to visit the vomitorium Lemons talked about. One of the servers said the banana cream pie had won an award somewhere. Whatever. Still tasted like a third-grader made it.

I work in the restaurant biz here and read Lemons' reviews all the time. My co-workers and I look forward to his piece each week to see who he's going to verbally butt-fuck. I love it, because when a new place like White Chocolate Grill comes around, every other paper gives the joint a BJ.

I can't tell you where I work, but I wish I could. I wish he would come and fuck with our uppity chef, like he did with William Bradley at Vu ("The Vu From Vu," Cafe, September 8). Please don't use my name. I'd never get a restaurant job in this town again.
Name withheld by request

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