The Crystal Method at Myst

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Two DJs are better than one: The Crystal Method
Jonathan Beech
Two DJs are better than one: The Crystal Method
It's been called dance music for people who like rock, but the tag's too reductive. While The Crystal Method's "big beat" sound has often featured a rock roar (including guitarists Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello), it also accompanies layered loops of pop, soul and hip-hop over effervescent breakbeats. The duo formed in 1993 after leaving Las Vegas for Los Angeles, where they got involved in the underground club scene. Their 1997 debut, Vegas, came hot on the heels of the Chemical Brothers' huge Dig Your Own Hole album, and with its similarly rock-inspired vibe, took off, going platinum. Since then, The Crystal Method has remained dedicated to its rangy sound, effectively bridging the styles on two subsequent albums, including last year's groovy Legion of Boom. Hitting Scottsdale again on Friday, November 18, at Myst, TCM is currently supporting its Community Service II, a remix CD with tracks by Smashing Pumpkins, Uberzone, and even The Doors, as well as a lot of personal odds and sods.
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