Torturous Times

The winged wonder on John McCain's righteous anti-torture stance, Stepford-like Gilbert and changes at hipster haven Lux

Concerned, The Bird phoned up Sloane McFarland, the Wizard of AZ. This guy has his finger in every pie in town, from Welcome Diner to the fashion boutique Passage. McFarland has an office behind Lux -- the coffee shop was the first business he masterminded, giving the Waynes the go-ahead when they approached, after waiting a long time for someone with just the right vision. (To be fair to the Waynes, they do know their coffee.) McFarland kindly assured The Bird that he handpicked the Fischers and even volunteered the news that the Waynes are opening a dance studio next door to Lux, in addition to the aforementioned tapas bar.

Maybe The Bird caught Jeff Fischer -- and Lux -- on a bad day. Because even a pigeon can see that there's been flux at Lux, despite the Fischers' promise, "We won't change a good thing!" When this avian visited last, it seemed that Lux was giving the Willow House a run for its shabby chic money.

Up the creek with a paddle. Now, that's a position we can support.
Fred Harper
Up the creek with a paddle. Now, that's a position we can support.

In response to such frappuccino-fueled fears, a caffeine-jittery Jeff Fischer blasted The Bird, blaming the mess on the back-breaking work of taking over a business. Between blurting that he's getting "a negative vibe" from this peckerwood, the bartender-cum-coffee-hawker snapped, "Our goal is to retain the cool feel and design and try to develop and enhance it. If the carpets are that offensive, then I apologize."

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