Raw and raunchy: Three cheers for The Bird! Just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you I love the new column by Robrt L. Pela. It's raw and raunchy, just the way I like it.

Too many of the media types in this cow town spend all of their time not stepping on toes, but The Bird is chewing those toes right off the feet of the powerful and the privileged. Whether it's fucking with Sheriff Joe Arpaio ("Talon of the Law," November 3), the dopes who want to stop the Trump condo, or those stupid yuppie moms who call themselves "lactivists," The Bird is telling it like it is.

I dig the way it's written, too. Like a machine gun rattling off insults. It's just what Phoenix needs. Keep up the good work! I'll be reading it every week.
Kyle Dreyer Jr., Phoenix

Kissing up to the establishment: What the hell is up with this new feature, The Bird?! I have never been so aghast as when reading your jerk-around of the good neighborhood folks who are opposing that money-grubbing whore Donald Trump in the Camelback Corridor. What's going on? Has New Times become so corporate in its takeover of the alternative-newspaper world that it is in the pockets of the likes of Trump these days?

Doesn't an alternative paper owe it to its readers to be on the side of the little guy? We've got the Republic to support New York City entrepreneur/jerk-offs like Trump.

And who says Phoenix needs big-city flair? The reason longtime residents like it so much here is that it is and should remain a small town. We don't need any more stinkin' tall buildings at 24th Street and Camelback. We need our views of the beautiful Camelback Mountain maintained. Why is it that even New Times is pro-development these days?

I remember when you had other nasty columns and columnists in New Times. I thought Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had finally grown up and given up on such fare in their papers (how many do they own now, 16?!). Now comes The Bird, and here New Times is back to its old nasty ways, only now it's ridiculing the little guy and kissing the ass of the business establishment.
Regina Dupree, Phoenix

We need more big buildings: What a fantastic new feature! Edgy, well-written, full of attitude. Keep The Bird coming!

Your kick-off story on the Trump tower controversy was something that's been needed to be said for a long time. Those self-serving homeowner-group morons are so small-town! Don't they realize that Phoenix is a big city now?

We need more people like Donald Trump coming in with proposals for big buildings. And if you're living in the Camelback Corridor, you've already lost the neighborhood battle. It's the center of Phoenix.

And the lead story the following week in The Bird was really fucking funny! That line about "hoary hillbillies" and their peasant blouses was classic! And the part about sending Jenna Jameson down to the state Capitol was just what it would take for any state breast-feeding initiative to pass. I'm kidding, sort of.

I remember Flashes in your paper years ago, and also Spiked, but this one is really well-written, with cutting humor. It is something that Phoenix and New Times have been lacking. Bravo! Well done!
Billy Peters, Phoenix

Where we come from, "mother" is half a word: After reading "Lactose Intolerants" in The Bird, I will never pick up your publication again, and I will warn all my neighbors against New Times. You are vile and hateful! All I can say is that this piece of trash must have been written by a woman-hater and pornographer.
Karen Dennis, Glendale

Pop your tops: I liked the article and cartoon re: breast-feeding! You "milked" it for all it was worth! Why don't you go a step further and address the issue of bare breasts in public, in general?

Why is it that women can be arrested for going topless and men can't? It can't be the size of the breasts, as many men have bigger breasts than women! It's sex discrimination that women have to wear tops and men don't!

Please give us the bare facts regarding this issue. I even wrote to Ann Landers about this, but she avoided the subject. Will you do the same?
Dar Jones, Phoenix

Fingerprint this!: The Bird asserted in "Talon of the Law" (November 3) that the ACLU-AZ was avoiding media phone calls since it was unable to reach me personally. Ironically, a quick Google search produces articles [in other] Phoenix media on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new fingerprint policy and the ACLU-AZ's reaction.

Never fear, Phoenicians, I have written The Bird, and it now has several ways to contact me, which I look forward to. After all, free speech (for people and birds alike) is one of our favorite things!

In regard to Arpaio, the ACLU-AZ is not avoiding taking on Sheriff Joe or his new fingerprint policy. We just don't want to be the fodder that feeds his ravenous public media image. Instead, we plan to conduct ourselves in a professional and effective manner, which requires a meticulous evaluation of the law and the Constitution.
Dawn Wyland, ACLU-AZ Interim Director

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