PCMM Festival

Crazy, man

Can't you hear this beer-drowned bar conversation among audiophiles?

"We should call all the experimental musician cats around town and form a music collective. Yeah, avant-garde aficionados would really dig it."

Then reality strikes. "Organizing musicians to do something? Shitballs! Want another round?"


Scheduled to take place on Wednesday, December 7, and Thursday, December 8
Modified Arts

A similar experience occurred for Jennifer Rogers and Marvin Scott, the co-founders of the Phoenix Creative Music Movement. However, they avoided the morning-after hangover and successfully created the PCMM as a synergistic outlet for creative musicians to meet and perform. Since April, the bimonthly concert series has featured improvised music ranging from free jazz and organic hip-hop to a found-object collage of white noise and a fracas drum act where children's toys were played. The first PCMM Festival will feature six acts over two nights, including Chicago drumming heavyweight and Phoenix native Frank Rosaly, who employs a "deconstruction" solo percussion style to illustrate a free-flowing patchwork of sound.

This music is as far-reaching as can be, but if there is a PCMM guarantee, it's this: You ain't gonna hear these hip sounds on local popcorn jazz radio stations, dig?

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