Mondo Resolutions . . .

When new Choos aren't enough

The ultimate bod mod

Autocastration is the mother of all makeovers. The last body-mod hurrah. Beyond ritual scarring. Beyond tongue-forking. Beyond tooth-filing and lobe-stretching and devil-horn implants -- miles and miles beyond. It's beyond gender transition. Depending on how much gets excised, it's beyond gender.

Arguments rage over whether castrating oneself or one's friends or even having the procedure done by a trained professional is safe and sane, especially when the person in question chooses to become a "nullo," which means all external genitals removed, the incisions sutured to heal smooth except for a tiny hole -- like those drink-and-wet dolls you or your sister used to play with. This is one New Year's resolution from which there's really no going back. And yet as the eunuch community grows, it's a resolution that many will make in 2006. Meet them at After that, any resolution on Earth seems like a snap.

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