Mexican Busting

The plumed wonder examines the racial politics of Andy Thomas, then swoops over Sharon Stonewaller and Tent City, where Shaq and a local actor were inside the razor wire

When Arpaio bestowed the honor on the 7-foot-1, 350-pound center, Shaq raised an eyebrow and grinned way down at Arpaio as if Joke were even crazier than he actually is: "A captain!"

Of course Joke got Shaq to do all the usual stunts: hold up the pink underwear, say that Arpaio's, indeed, the "toughest sheriff in America," promise never to run for sheriff here. Talk about hack-a-Shaq!

Later, the high-flying Suns beat the big man's wide ass! The game was a laugher in which the locals scored 47 points in the first quarter, won the game 111 to 93, and held Shaq to eight points. His silly shilling for the sheriff must've worn O'Neal out.

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