After Shock

Howard Stern's switch to satellite means a whole new world for Phoenix radio. And for me

But I laughed all the way to work, laughed until I was wiping tears from my eyes.

Yeah, I'm comedy all the way.

It took me five years of listening to Howard, and then losing him, to figure this out.

83 hours a year of . . . well, what was it exactly?
Dan May
83 hours a year of . . . well, what was it exactly?
Laughing beats road rage.
Dan May
Laughing beats road rage.

Important things happen in the world, mostly of the horrible variety. And I could fret about them. I could shake my head sadly, Diane Rehm-style, and maintain my dignity.

I could take them seriously instead of reverting to adolescent irreverence. For example, I could stop mocking Robert Brustein's manner and actually try to challenge his theory on acting.

Or maybe even just sit still and learn something. Novel thought.

Maybe someday.

But right now, no matter what I'm listening to on the radio, I've got the voice of Howard Stern in my head. The FCC may have killed his place on the FM dial, but it couldn't push him out of my car entirely.

And I can't stop laughing.

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