FBI Raids Polygs

Federal agents descend on fugitive polygamist Prophet Warren Jeffs' followers with 66 subpoenas. Five were served

A lifelong Colorado City resident who was recently excommunicated from the FLDS says the money was typically collected by James Allred, one of Warren Jeffs' top aides. Allred would then hand the funds to other men, who would transport them out of Colorado City to other FLDS operations in Colorado and Texas.

James Allred's son, Nathaniel, was driving the vehicle that contained the more than $142,000 in cash when he and Seth Jeffs were stopped by Pueblo County sheriff deputies in October. Nathaniel Allred has not been charged in the incident.

The FBI may have lost its best opportunity to take action as a result of the January 14 incursion. For the first time in more than 10 years, the FLDS did not hold a Saturday meeting on January 21.

Former FLDS members also say the additional $50,000 reward posted by the FBI is probably not enough money to entice a loyal church member to turn in Warren Jeffs. FLDS members believe Jeffs is God's only representative on Earth and that Jeffs holds the key to their eternal salvation.

"[FLDS members] have already given Warren their lives," says a man recently excommunicated from the group.

The FBI's attempt to serve subpoenas is expected to hasten the steady exodus of FLDS members from Colorado City and Hildale. Many residents have been relocating to other fundamentalist Mormon communities in Texas, Colorado and Canada.

"My guess is all the people who have something to lose will leave town now," says a man who was booted out of the church in November.

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