And Then There's Bea

Arthur, Arthur

Transvestitism: Despite rumors to the contrary, Bea Arthur is not a guy. What her Web master said: "She's tall and masculine, and has a deep voice. So people think she's a transvestite." What Bea said: "I was married to Gene Saks for 25 years."

Let it Bea me: Miss Arthur is in town.
Let it Bea me: Miss Arthur is in town.


Scheduled to perform with accompanist Billy Goldenberg on Friday, February 24, and Saturday, February 25
Scottsdale Center for the Arts, 7374 East Second Street in Scottsdale.Call 480-994-2787

Web Site ( Rife with typos and syntax errors (Sample: "If anyone took the time to learning more about her, they would find out that she is and always will be quite the women!"), Arthur's official fan site is as informative as it is bursting with arch attitude. About Arthur's one-woman show, Web master Buckstiegel warns, "If your [sic] only going because you liked her on Golden Girls, don't be surprised that she barely touches that era. There is so much to this women [sic]. This show is a must see [sic]."

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