Big Vinny & the Cattle Thieves

"I Was a Teenage Premature Ejaculator" b/w "Black and Blue" and "Sister Sodomy" 7-inch
(May Cause Dizziness Records)

Here's a band that could easily contribute to the soundtrack that G.G. Allin, Stiv Bators, and Johnny Thunders are probably making in Punk Rock Hell. Big Vinny & the Cattle Thieves sound like old-school gutterpunks, spewing about anal rape and violence from a graffiti-covered garage. "I Was a Teenage Premature Ejaculator" is about as close as the raucous trio gets to a ballad, as Big Vinny laments his loveless formative years: "I was a two-punk chump/Like they would say/I was premature/I was teenaged." The B-side of the record contains two equally offensive tracks, which is impressive considering that one track is an original song, "Black and Blue," and the other is a cover of puke punk pariah G.G. Allin's "Sister Sodomy." Something about the song "Black and Blue," with lyrics like "I wanna see you spittin' teeth/That's the only way for me," tells us that this band's not making music to get chicks. That is punk as fuck, and so is the vinyl, which is colored in a black-and-blue splatter pattern.

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