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Too bad it stands a snowball's chance in the Sonoran Desert of passing, because a bill banning armed Minutemen makes sense

In addition to crippling the bargaining power cities have with the cable giant, the new legal mandate will spell certain doom for Access Tucson as well.

Sam Behrend, executive director of Access Tucson, squawked to this winged wonder that Phoenix's decision to kowtow to Cox convinced many legislators -- who'd nixed a similar proposal last year -- to pass the law this time around. It also didn't help, he mentioned, that the Tucson City Council remained neutral on the matter when it was before the Legislature.

Cox flack Ivan Johnson scoffs at the idea that anybody is going to miss Access Phoenix. He tweeted that various surveys conducted by the cable giant prove that "interest in public access is slim to none."

Put down the gun and nobody gets hurt.
Fred Harper
Put down the gun and nobody gets hurt.

Johnson even claims his customers are "demanding" that surviving public access channels be transformed into something groovier, like another cooking channel, or maybe even an MTV3.

The Bird thinks Ivan and his ilk miss the point that talentless nutjobs won't be able to get their mugs on TV anymore, which means that demented quackos like The Bird won't have anything to do at 4 in the morning.

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