Tag Team

Retail Laboratory tests Roosevelt Row with graffiti hoax

It was so tense for a while that two Phoenix police officers on bicycles were on standby.

Some on Roosevelt Row are now directing the anger they once had for supposed taggers and protesters at DeMunbrun.

"The neighbors are pissed," he says. "And I think that's ridiculous. I think their reaction proves that the edginess of Roosevelt is going away. Besides, Art Detour was a bust. This was probably the most exciting thing that happened all weekend.

"If I had known that the carnival atmosphere was gonna be squashed, I never would've opened up a store down here."

Which is why, DeMunbrun says, he and Bale can be counted on for similar stunts in the future -- even if, after this, the neighbors might catch on sooner.

"If people don't get it, that's their loss," he says. "We're not gonna dumb it down for Phoenix."

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