Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. I'm almost beginning to think you assholes write these articles just to see how many "ravers" you can piss off, and to show how little you know about anything underground.
Shanna Giannatti, Scottsdale

But it sounded fun to us: Let me start off with a big fuck you! Your article about Unity 06 is a disgrace to New Times. Loaded with the type of sensationalist bullshit that I've become accustomed to finding on FOX News, it's made me decide to formally boycott New Times, and you can bet I'll be telling my friends as well.

"It's been a long time since the underground rave scene was thriving," you wrote.

Umm, no? Weekly events of ever-increasing size and usually costing upwards of $5000 to produce have been around for a while here in the AZ.

I'm actually curious as to what background research you did before writing this article? Any? It seems you simply regurgitated rumors and stereotypes that you've accumulated over the years: "Twisted up in cuddle puddles while bass thumps were rattling their spines."

Which's where the fuck you comes into play.

This is exactly the type of stereotypical bullshit that undermines the underground music scene in Arizona. Really, are you intentionally trying to hurt a music scene struggling against corporate monopolies, or are you just plain stupid?

New Times has made it clear that it's no friend to the underground electronic scene. This is not something I shall soon be forgetting.
James Davis, Scottsdale

Unholy Mess

Misinformed pinheads: Along with their anti-Islamic vitriol, John Monkton, Scott Hume and Howard Weinstein served up a phenomenal amount of historical disinformation in their letters to the editor ("Holy War," March 16) regarding your article "The Chosen One" (Joe Watson, March 2).

Hey guys, if you don't like contemporary Islam, that's fine -- but the Islam that's out there in the world today is the brand of Islam that was supported, financed, encouraged and high-fived by America's own foreign-policy establishment for the 40-some year period of the Cold War.

From 1945 to the present, the United States offered no support to moderate Islamist leaders or movements in the Arab world, because most such individuals and parties were, frankly, opposed to our own foreign policies. So, not surprisingly (just like we did in Latin America, Southeast Asia and South Africa) in the name of a blind, ignorant anti-Communism, we bet on any reactionary "Islamo-fascist" horse we could find.

This brought us into partnership with the Bush family's bid-ness buddies, the Bin-Ladens and their wonderful, freedom-loving son, Osama.

Are you starting to remember some of this?

While the mujahadeen of Afghanistan were throwing acid in the faces of secular Afghani women, setting off bombs in movie theaters in Kabul and committing numerous other atrocities, Ronald Reagan was standing on the White House lawn with their political representatives, proclaiming them to be "freedom fighters."

There were plenty of Middle Eastern experts around to advise us that we were playing with fire, and to warn us that the jihadists we were in bed with didn't like the United States any more than they liked the Soviet Union. But Reagan brushed off the warnings, claiming the naysayers were just a bunch of pantywaist liberals.

Now that the Jihadist International created by the United States, with support from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, has focused attention on the West, the aforementioned letter-writers have belatedly discovered what a Frankenstein this is.

Don't tell me, let me guess: Y'all voted for the Bin-Laden bid-ness partner who now occupies the White House, and who's responsible for the quagmire in Iraq, but you're going to blame Deedra Abboud for the present state of affairs.

Spare us your phony, prime-time patriotism, please -- you're the pinheads who got us into this mess in the first place.
Lee Poole, Phoenix

Correction: Last week's feature, "Soiled Hands" (March 23), incorrectly identified Sarah Cowgill. Cowgill is the mayor's former press secretary. She does not currently work for the city of Phoenix.

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