Letters From the Issue of Thursday, April 13, 2006

 Mexican Stand-Off

An admirer of Mayor Phil's: I've been reading The Bird lately, and I see that he seems to have some sort of sympathy for the illegal Mexican idiots who've been marching in Phoenix ("Single-File, Please!", April 6. Also see "Go On, Just Shoot 'Em").

I was at the first stupid display, and I saw firsthand the disrespect these wetback bastards have for the country they claim they so much want to be a part of. They were waving the Mexican flag while displaying our flag upside down. They were carrying signs that downgrade legal citizens by calling them racists. They were generally acting in a way that won't exactly endear them to the people they are trying to get their message to.

Let's face it, they have shot themselves in the foot, too, by lying to us about the number of people expected at this sorry soiree -- which prevented anyone from being able to get anywhere in this city for hours!

Mayor Phil Gordon was right to call the thing "shameful." I would've used much worse language, as I will now demonstrate: I think we should do a mass deportation of every one of these dumb spics. That is, tell them to get the fuck out of our country if they can't even respect the flag that millions of legal men and women fought and died for!
Jon Krieger, Phoenix

Take your best shot, Oswald: If The Bird keeps it up, if he keeps backing foreigners and not his own people, somebody may just blow his feathered ass out of his tree!

I think Mayor Phil Gordon should have the Phoenix Police Department Mace those fucking illegal aliens for daring to cause chaos in our city. If that doesn't work, then open fire on them! Something has got to be done to stop these people from stealing our country.

When I lived in Phoenix, I considered Gordon a pantywaist liberal. I'm glad to see that he has come around, finally. I'm glad to see that he wants to put a stop to the biggest problem that is facing our nation nowadays.
Bill Mathis, Laughlin, Nevada

George Wallace imitators: Ha, I wish The Bird wouldn't hold back on what he thinks! Seriously, it's about time somebody in Phoenix tells the truth about the illegal-immigration situation. The anti-immigration hypocrites simply don't understand what's going on. It's pathetic that they get the respect they get; it just goes to show you how stupid the voting public is in this state and in this country.

Mayor Phil Gordon should be ashamed of himself! He used to be a guy I respected. Now he's no better than our George Wallace-imitating County Attorney Andy Thomas. These demonstrations by undocumented workers have really made a difference in the immigration debate; for the first time, those in power are listening to their arguments.

I fear that there will be more violence now, but maybe that's the only way for anything positive to happen from this debate. It's sad, but blacks would still be in the back of the bus if violence hadn't happened.
Natasha Sims, via the Internet

Resentment and chaos: Hey, a big, cheerful "fuck you" to The Bird for his rant about Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and the immigrants!

I've worked since I was 16 years old, and most of the jobs have been without health insurance. A friend of mine (an illegal) has three kids whom she takes to the doctor every time one of them breathes wrong or stumbles. You dare tell me that I don't help pay for each and every one of these visits with my taxes!

Meanwhile, I had the flu last year, and was ready to die in bed before I took myself to a doctor I couldn't afford or an emergency room that would have cost me a couple of grand.

I have had jobs no one wanted. I have been a maid, a caregiver, a buser, and still I couldn't get health insurance through AHCCCS [the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, or Medicaid] because I was one woman by herself, with no kids, and the state said I always made just enough money to push me past the eligibility limit.

Everyone keeps pitying the poor immigrants, but they miss the forest for the trees. If you really wanted to do better for yourself and your family, you would take legal, socially responsible steps to do so.

How is breaking the law beneficial for your family in the end? How does that constitute good parenting? I'm sure things are hard for people in Mexico. Things are hard for people everywhere. Allowing illegals to remain is not an answer. In the end, all this brings to the table is resentment and chaos.
Name withheld by request

Governor Feathered Fiend: The Bird should run for governor. He'd be better than the mush-mouthed Janet Napolitano, who's now jumped on the Mexican-hating bandwagon along with Andrew Thomas and now Phil Gordon.

With the hillbilly voting public in this state, The Bird would have no chance of winning, but it sure would be fun to see him debating all the fools who hate Mexicans in Arizona. I think a lot of us would pay money to see that. Keep dropping turds on the trailer-trash anti-immigration crowd, Mr. Bird!
A.T. Bundy, Tucson

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