Let's settle it in the casinos: There are two obvious ways to solve the problem with illegal aliens coming over from Mexico:

Steal Mexico from Mexico the same way we stole California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada from Mexico in the early 1800s under the "Manifest Destiny" policy.

Or, allow illegals to come in and reoccupy the territory we previously stole from Mexico. Then, Native Americans could win the territory from the illegals in the casinos, and it would be back where it started.
Donna Anderson, Phoenix

That's Amaré

Unequal justice: Your stories over the last couple of issues on Amaré Stoudemire's mother ("Amaré's Burden," March 30, and "Yo Mama," April 6, both by John Dougherty) are appalling. This is the worst case of unequal justice that I've seen in a long time. In the last story, it says she left her latest rehab center to get her nails done, after being ordered by a judge and a Pre-Trial Services officer to stay put, or else.

Or else, what?!

Nothing, apparently. I guess if your son is a multimillionaire professional basketball player, you will get off easier than anybody else. Come on, can you imagine anybody but a celebrity or his family getting the breaks this crack addict and current extreme drunken driver has gotten?

That she has the audacity to throw her considerable weight around is incredible. Where are Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew Thomas and all the other law-and-order morons when you need them? I guess, if you can afford to hire rich lawyers like the Larrys (Kazan and Debus), who have pretty much defended all the big-time drunken-driver scum in Maricopa County, you can get out of anything.

At least she is looking at serious jail time, and I hope they throw the book at her rich, pampered, fat ass! I have a friend who got one extreme DUI and is now serving serious time behind bars. He, of course, was too poor to hire the Larrys.
Terry Jacobs, Phoenix

Family matters: At least Amaré Stoudemire's knees will one day heal, and he will be back next season playing basketball for the Phoenix Suns [Stoudemire had a second surgery, this one on his right knee, and is out for the rest of the season]. He will never be able to heal from the wounds his mother must have left. I agree with reader Antonio Marquez ("Mother of a Problem," Letters, April 6) that Amaré will be better off when his mom is put behind bars -- that is, forced to stay away from him -- for several years.

God protect good people from their royally screwed-up families!
Tamara Dennis, Glendale

At least we didn't say "Mammy": What do you mean by the headline "Yo Mama"? Are you attempting to use slang because your article is in reference to a black man and his family? Why not title it "Mommie Dearest"? I'm sure Amaré's mother is dear to his heart -- even with her shortcomings.
Name withheld by request

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