Goofball Shockumentary

Not even Hollywood would bite on this one: Loose Change tells what, heh, really happened on 9/11

Yet because of the mayor's complaints, apparently Morton and son are afraid that their gynecological moniker might engender a backlash before Pink Taco's May 15 hearing before the Scottsdale City Council, where PT's liquor license awaits approval. According to Morton's local flack Melanie Kalusner of Phoenix's Margo Media, the Taco team's attempting a pre-emptive strike: It's announcing it will stop referring to tank tops sold at the eateries as "wife-beaters."

PT's corporate goons turned canary yellow when this mockingbird rang them up to find out what else might not be in the offing, refusing to comment until after the hearing. Hey, this not-so-bald eagle's all for freedom of speech. But you gotta wonder about suits who'd name their restaurant after cooze, and then not have the balls to defend it in public. Even though The Bird seldom agrees with Manross, it's got to give herroner credit for at least having a pair.

This extended middle finger's saying, it looks like the Mortons are bigger pussies than their restaurant's handle would imply.

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