Come on, John, give us a break! This is Arizona. We don't have real Democrats in this state. The only Dems who can get by are pussies like Janet Napolitano and Terry Goddard. People who never really take a hard stand on anything, left or right. People who try to sound like Republicans so the dumb state voting public will give them a chance at politics.

Harry Mitchell's no genius, and he's certainly done little to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack of pinto Democrats, but he's far better than a congressman who's proven that he's a real scumbag idiot.
K.C. Moody, via the Internet

A confusing mess: I have known Harry Mitchell for nearly 40 years. Harry never promises anything that he cannot deliver. He will work to undo much of the damage that J.D. Hayworth and the Bush gang have wrought.

The mess in Iraq has become very confusing. I know that Mitchell wants our troops home. However, we need to leave something stable for the Iraqis.

As a senior citizen, I am very concerned about health care and social security. I trust Harry to work on my behalf.

As for specifics, I know that he will need to get settled in Washington as a freshman. He does not shoot from the lip. Hopefully, the Democrats will control Congress, and that will help. Harry Mitchell is a class individual and will not get in bed with lobbyists the way that Congressman Foghorn Leghorn has.

You have J.D. pegged; now give Mitchell a chance.
Ron Pies, Tempe

PAC man: J.D. Hayworth may not remember the 1994 Republican Revolution, but voters do. He promised term limits and a balanced budget. We got neither.

He was supposed to change Washington, but Washington changed him.

Not only has he abandoned the Contract With America, he's abandoned his integrity. He and his political action committee accepted thousands of dollars in Jack Abramoff-related campaign contributions, and unlike most other politicians, Democrats and Republicans, he's refusing to give the money back or donate it to charity.

And now we learn, through Tim Russert on Meet the Press, that Hayworth's wife is on his political action committee's payroll.

I used to think Hayworth was part of the solution, but it seems he's become part of the problem.
Stan Williams, Tempe

Anal-yze This

A load of something: Ken Bennett, president of the Arizona State Senate, deserves everyone's sympathy. All children in some way disappoint their parents, principally because parents load on the backs of their children all their own unfulfilled dreams ("Mission: Impossible," The Bird, April 20).

All children break under such overwhelming loads. The failure of a child would be particularly painful to a man of such high accomplishments as Ken Bennett, coming as he did from a small town to great political power. Added to that pain is the humiliation of having his son charged with such a creepy crime as sticking broomsticks up the rectums of boys.

Of course, everyone would expect a father to support a son. While comparisons are odious, President Franklin D. Roosevelt must have felt the same way about his sons. President Roosevelt secured a commission for his son Elliot, who had no military training, as a colonel in the Marine Corps. In his first appearance as a Marine officer, Elliot marched a platoon of Marines into a wall. Of course, a really creepy crime, such as sodomy, would be more embarrassing.

Roosevelt never mentioned the wall incident, although Eleanor did call her son patriotic. Roosevelt knew that talking about the incident would simply publicize it all the more. Perhaps this is the reason that Senator Bennett has kept silent. When contacted by an Arizona citizen about Bennett's silence, his secretary responded with the cliché of all cover-ups, "Well, you just can't believe everything you read in the newspaper."

The real issue of his silence is not about his son's alleged proclivities, but about a suspicion about Senator Bennett's possible collusion with the Yavapai County Attorney to secure a reduction in the charges against his son. Such nasty speculation could all be set aside if Senator Bennett were simply to address the issue in public, deny the suspicion and reaffirm his commitment to the fair administration of the law.

Failing that, in the interest of justice, he should resign from the Arizona Senate.
Dana P. Smith, Flagstaff

No Mexican Left Behind

Language barrier: Hey, birdbrain, I agree that Stephanie Harris ("Minutewomen," The Bird, April 20) is not on the bright side, but she does have a point.

And no, I'm not a George W. Bush-supporting, ex-Marine Bible-thumper. I'm usually on the liberal side, but I just don't know where you're coming from with your bird-shit on immigration. This topic brings out the right-wing militant in me. And I think my opinion on the topic is valid since I am a first-generation American.

My family immigrated to the United States when I was 9 years old and, although I spoke two languages, I did not speak a word of English. Neither did my parents. I was in the fourth grade when I arrived, and by the time I was in the fifth grade, I was fluent in English. I became an official U.S. citizen when I was 19.

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