My story is echoed by the millions of immigrants who come from many countries. Our families followed the rules, waited for green cards, learned English and studied for our citizenship test.

I agree with Harris that this country's education is harmed by catering to Hispanics. We are underestimating Mexican children if we think that they are incapable of learning in English. This whole "No Child Left Behind" thing is crap, and so is teaching classes in Spanish.

Mexicans seem to have an air of entitlement just because they are here in larger numbers than immigrants from other countries. Harris has a point when she states that if we have classes in Spanish for Mexicans, why not have classes in Chinese for the millions of Chinese immigrants?
M.C. Ricler, Scottsdale

You can't spell "assertion" without "ass": The only reason Hispanics are angry with readers like Jon Krieger ("An Admirer of Mayor Phil's," Letters, April 13) is that he had the guts to articulate a growing, vast uneasiness about how Mexicans are trying to gain immigration reform.

While Krieger may not have used the most politically correct of phraseologies, he was essentially quite correct in his assertions.

And one of these assertions should stick in the craw of anyone critically following the illegal immigration debate, including marches by Mexicans in our cities. Krieger's right that The Bird does have rather obvious sympathy for the illegal Mexicans who've been marching in Phoenix. Columnists generally should have opinions, but not biases.

Krieger's also quite perceptive in his analysis that white Americans are upset with Mexicans "waving the Mexican flag while displaying our flag upside down." That's a blatant insult to America!
Scott Hume, Phoenix

Patriot act: My, my, my, the truth certainly does hurt, doesn't it?

Both readers Joseph Lujan ("What the #$*! Does He Know?," Letters, April 20) and Raul Lopez ("Not Kicking Ass, but Taking Names," in the same issue) objected to my calling all illegal immigrants "idiots," "wetback bastards" and, my personal favorite, "dumb spics."

I notice they didn't say anything about how their fellow idiots disrespected America during the first march. Could that be because they know I'm right? And as far as the second march is concerned, everyone knows that the only reason Old Glory was hoisted instead of their own shitty flag was because their leaders told them to.

I proudly stand behind everything I said in that letter, and as for my telling Mexicans all these things to their faces, they should name the time and motherfucking place.
Jon Krieger, Phoenix

Don't confuse him with the facts: Readers like Jon Krieger really sum up what the illegal immigration debate is all about: racism. No matter how much rational thought is published in The Bird and elsewhere, racists like Krieger just keep believing that "spics," as he calls them, are beneath contempt.

He keeps advocating, for instance, that Mexicans are ruining the country by taking jobs away from Americans when it just isn't true. No matter how many times that's proven, he just keeps spouting his racist shit, oblivious to facts that don't support his views.

If Krieger were in the South, he would be wearing a sheet.

I'd like to see Krieger walk up and down 16th Street near downtown Phoenix with a placard stating all those racist slurs he spouted in his letter. There'd be one less redneck in town.
Bet Galloway, via the Internet

Editor's note: There could be a lot of Jon Kriegers in the world, we don't know. But we do know there are at least two, Jon Krieger of Phoenix, who's been writing anti-immigration letters to New Times, and Jon Krieger of Scottsdale, who hasn't. We emphasize: These two Kriegers are not the same person! The one from Scottsdale is appalled by the racial slurs the one from Phoenix has been spewing.

Phoenix's finest: I would like to inform reader Raul S. Lopez that the city of Phoenix had plenty to do with the success of the second big pro-illegal immigration march.

Phoenix paid police officers and firefighters to be on duty to the tune of $300,000. This figure is per the office of the Mayor of Phoenix.

Giving credit to the protest organization, it did provide water and port-a-johns.
Dorothy Doehrer, Phoenix

Our worst enemy: Mexico is this country's worst enemy. It is a far greater threat to our country than any country with nuclear weapons will ever be. It is the main source of drugs coming into America and the source of more drug-related crime than anywhere else in the world. Our jails and prisons are overflowing with hundreds of thousands of people involved in drug-related crimes.

Mexico is run by criminals far worse than the head of Iran. No terrorist group has ever killed as many Americans or caused as much turmoil as the drug pushers coming into our country from across the border. They are killing our children by the thousands, but President Bush does nothing to stop it.

They are turning America into a cesspool of crime and corruption, like Mexico. It is time for Bush and all of the politicians who support him to be impeached and put on trial for treason.
David Postgate, Sun City

Glued to The Bird: I find myself absolutely glued to The Bird's columns, not only on illegal immigration but on everything else. Genius! Keep 'em coming!
Nelda Lilli, Tucson

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