You must also realize that Dirk Koetter has more players on one season's roster than Rob Evans had in his entire tenure at ASU. Koetter can't be expected to keep close watch over all of them.

I am not defending the actions of the players you mention in this story -- I do think they should be more accountable for their actions -- but this is college, and to expect them to be perfect is a little unfair.

If ASU has another poor year in football, I can guarantee Koetter will be replaced. But he took the team to a successful bowl game, even if it was only the Insight Bowl.
Steve Compton, Glendale

Glad it will serve another purpose: It seems like it had all been said, but not in one place, comprehensively. For that, this article on Dirk Koetter was needed. But then you used the public records so effectively that the legitimacy of a vague sentiment among fans skyrocketed. It solidified this issue as central to the direction of our public universities and to Arizona's highest-paid public employee [Koetter].

Well done. I have a "Cut Koetter" tee shirt, and now I will take your article to the games and hand it to anyone who questions that statement.
Josh Waltman, Goodyear

Better late than never: I would consider myself one of Coach Dirk Koetter's biggest critics. I don't appreciate the lack of defense he's brought to the program, his lackluster personality or (of course) the problems off the field he's dealt with.

Did I feel they should've fired him last year? Absolutely! After the Stanford game, to be more specific.

What confuses me about your article is, we're five months after his extension was announced. What is the point of running an article titled "Fire HIM!" when you know good and well it's not going to happen?

I understand your valid points in the article, although I don't know that the head coach should be held accountable for players' conduct off the field 100 percent of the time.

If this article had surfaced in November of last year, I would've been frothing at the mouth with excitement. All this article will do is fuel the fire of frustrated fans who already don't like Koetter.

When I was sitting in my seats at the Insight Bowl last year, some fans repeatedly made fun of Koetter. Look, I'm not thrilled with the guy either, but I'm also a lifelong Arizona State athletics supporter and will continue to be. So does this article have a positive impact on the football team? Probably no more than a player hearing a fan heckle the coach.
Michael Adams, Tempe

The "wow" factor: I just read your story on Dirk Koetter, and all I have to say is WOW! Great article!
James Lambert, Tempe

Critical thinking: First off, I am not the type to criticize anything that doesn't warrant it. With that said, I think your article on Dirk Koetter warrants all the negative reaction possible.

For you to criticize Coach Koetter for giving a troubled football player a second chance is crazy.

Loren Wade was a troubled student who was given the chance to go to counseling but saw fit not to. Ordering counseling for him was unsuccessful. If you are so concerned about ASU spending money, why would you want the university to waste funds on more counseling for him?

I'm surprised that, based on all the research you did on the football and basketball teams, you didn't accurately portray Rob Evans. Some players left Evans' team because they thought his program was making no progress. A college coach must win games as well as build character.

Also, in case you did not know it, it's much easier to resurrect a basketball program than a football program.

And about your criticism of ASU athletic director Lisa Love: I will be the first to admit that I was critical of ASU President Michael Crow's hiring of her in the beginning, but I have since been very pleased with what she has done for the school.

It's amazing how you pick on the little things she did, like ringing the bell at the stock exchange. If you were at all educated about the college athletic world, you know that no matter what exposure your school is getting, it's still helping out in some form (unless, of course, you are talking about the Wade situation).

Funny how you didn't mention how Love has hired a softball coach that has the Devils in the top 10.

Get your head out of the sand and start looking at facts. I find it ironic that you write about how troubled Koetter and his program are when you are a paper that runs advertisements for strip clubs and such in the Valley. How do you justify that one?
Brian Knowlton, Chandler

F.U.: Just one correction in your "Fire HIM!" article. It's Indiana University, not the University of Indiana. If it's your mistake, I'll forgive you this time.

If consulting firm Baker Parker & Associates said the University of Indiana, it might help explain how we Hoosiers got stuck with Kelvin Sampson as basketball coach.

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