When you're through with Dirk Koetter, could you please investigate the Indiana University/Baker Parker/Lisa Love/Kelvin Sampson link? Please, anything to help explain his hiring!

Thanks to John Dougherty for all the great information his articles furnish.
Dean M. Brayton, via the Internet

Substance analysis: What a trash article! I guess controversy is all you're looking for. Congrats on your lack of substance and horrible analysis.
Jeff Bosch, via the Internet

Humble opinion: Wow, if you consider this hatchet job legitimate journalism, I suggest you go back to school and reexamine the basics. In the real world, performing at the level of professionalism exhibited in this piece of ____ would get you fired.

In your world, where evidently opinion can masquerade as fact, I imagine you will get some kudos. How sad. Much like a dung beetle, you will benefit from a messy situation.
Paul Williams, Scottsdale

Don't blame coach for players' actions: If you think Dirk Koetter is the type of coach who gives special treatment to star players, then you are sadly mistaken. If this were the case, why would he sit three or four of his defensive starters two years ago against the University of Arizona for breaking unspecified team rules?

If you know anything about ASU athletics, you know that the UofA game is the most important of the season, no matter what either school's record is.

It's funny that you expect a head coach who's in charge of nearly 100 players to predict the future, to know what his players are going to do when away from school-related activities.

Who's to say that if Koetter got rid of Wade earlier, Wade wouldn't have done the same thing or even worse, like killing more than one person?

I think your article was out of line, especially the title of it ["Fire HIM!"], only because you have no idea what it's like to be in his shoes. I just think it's poor judgment to blame Koetter instead of society as a whole.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the only person to blame here is Loren Wade!
David Terzich, via the Internet

More problems should bring more titles: With problems of this magnitude, ASU should be winning national championships.

I went to the University of Oklahoma, and they were winning the Big 8 and playing for the championship almost every year when their program got out of control. Football coach Barry Switzer got the boot for it. So, why not Dirk?
Ed Fancher, Tempe

Give the Devils their due: You bring up some good points. It is indeed unfortunate that Loren Wade entered the situation he did. However, if you decide to act in rage at a bar out of jealousy, should your boss be penalized for that?

I understand that Wade had a string of instances, but the fact of the matter is, this happens at every Division I school. Just because you don't hear anything about ASU's basketball team doesn't mean the players are all angels.

I haven't missed a home ASU football game in 14 years. I can tell you firsthand we are playing much more aggressively now than ever. It would be one thing if Koetter had dragged the program into the mud. Fact is, we were shit when he took over.

I think ASU has kept Koetter around because he is right around the corner to busting this program open. He is getting better recruits than before and makes progress every year. You're forgetting ASU should have been killed by USC and LSU last season, but we put up a fight unlike any other school they played.
Steve Olson, via the Internet

It comes with the territory: Nice story. When you have more than 100 young men you're responsible for, there might be a bad egg or two every now and again. Name a college football program that has not had a problem.

Coach K was extended because we are going in the right direction. Rob Evans was fired because we were a disgrace to the Pac-10.
Cale Ackerley, Gilbert

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