Nursery's Cool

The caustic canary on geezer power downtown, car dealers scratching a Scottsdale council candidate's back and the dodo RESIST tagger's latest prank

Heh, the dude sounds a lot like Dr. Ali G, only the HBO comedian butchers English on purpose for comic effect. He ain't no ignorant buffoon like Castaneda.

Bobby called his guerrilla tactics "a knee-jerk response" to getting called out by The Bird.

"It pissed me off, because it made me and Eddie look bad, calling us beggars and shit," Bobby tweeted to the winged wonder. "If you're gonna throw mud, I'm gonna throw bricks. If you start throwing bricks, God knows what I'll start throwing. If you're gonna call me a thug, I might as well act like one. But don't call my brother a beggar."

Take another little piece of her yard, now, city.
Take another little piece of her yard, now, city.

The poster also included a World Wrestling Entertainment-style challenge for The Bird to square off with the painter: "To The Bird on a personal tip . . . I don't back down like a coward not me . . . If words get typed involving Edward or me . . . meet me [at] deck park around three then we will see . . . not a threat but a promise . . . nirgrah."

Bobby's schoolyard call-out's about as funny as his using his poster to hype his most recent First Friday exhibition at his retail store, Se Vende, as well as a currently untitled publication to help "represent the arts district properly while still resisting."

Bobby, sorry The Bird noted that your bro was begging for loose change to get you out of the slammer -- from the very art galleries you'd tagged with your scribblings. Obviously, smarts doesn't run in the family. As for meeting you at Deck Park in the wee hours of the morn, nirgrah, please!

The Bird may be a cowardly canary, but (unlike you and Eddie) it's no dodo.

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