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Welcome to the Cult of Katie Rose. Hope your liver can handle it

A stint in rehab is a given for most party girls -- hell, everyone in Hollywood has been addicted to cocaine at least once -- but Katie seems sincere in her commitment to kicking the drug.

Though kicking the habit has been made glamorous lately by Kate Moss' recent stint at The Meadows, a high-end rehab facility in Wickenburg, Katie describes her experience at a downtown Phoenix detox center as anything but.

During the first 23 hours, she says, she spent her time avoiding tweakers in a large room called the crisis center. Men and women are mixed together in this Army-dormitory-style room, where their vitals are checked once an hour and most go through the worst withdrawals in a very public forum before being admitted to the actual detox center the next day.

Katie Rose and her admirers, at the cool kids' table at The Rogue.
Luke Holwerda
Katie Rose and her admirers, at the cool kids' table at The Rogue.

"I will not use again," Katie says. "When I was in there and heard other people's horror stories, I realized two things: One, I wasn't as bad as I thought, and two, I'm glad I caught this when I did. The first 23 hours just reeked of misery and failure."

Even if it was a miserable four days for her -- no boyfriend, no parties, just her, her journal and her sobriety -- Katie keeps her sense of humor about rehab.

"They don't let you have any caffeine. All you can have is water. And I fucking love caffeine," she says. "When I got out, I was like, 'Fuck drugs. I don't even care about drugs anymore. I want a fucking Diet Coke.'"

Later the same night, she's no longer waxing about rehab and overcoming addiction. She's just having a good time. There are about 100 people in the bar -- a pretty good crowd for a Monday -- and Katie's behind the decks in the DJ booth, for Blue Monday.

Katie Rose drops the Detroit Cobras, followed by The Who. She slugs back the beer. When she's done DJing, she works the room, flirts with her boyfriend. Someone tells her she looks hot.

She says thanks. She should probably say "duh."

As the night wears on, Katie gets some upsetting news. One of the major skeletons in her closet has come out, legs spread, across a tee shirt.

When she was 18, Katie Rose appeared in her first porn. When she was 20, she left the business -- for good, she says. Four days before her 23rd birthday, she's just found out some members of Casket Life, a local punk band, got ahold of an image of her from the Internet and printed it on a tee shirt to sell as merchandise at their shows.

And she's pissed.

"Who fucking does that?" she asks. "Why would you do that to someone local? I mean, our bands have played together before."

Unfortunately for Casket Life, Katie Rose owns most of the rights to the porn she made, and depending on the image used, the band could be in some legal trouble.

Members of Casket Life declined to issue a real comment, though they did say in an e-mail signed "Casket Life" that they'd "rather not make a big deal out of it," and "we're not looking for any attention for something like this."

The band adds that it only did a "small run" of shirts and that it made them because "one of the band members was a fan of her work."

Regardless, the tee shirt incident has forced Katie Rose to realize that this is a skeleton that's probably not going away anytime soon. Not that she's ashamed of the porn she made -- she says she isn't -- she's just tired of all the rumors.

"It's always going to be there. I wouldn't take it back for the world. The experiences and the people I met, and the things I saw, have given me insight to people and sexuality," she says. "It was fun. It just gets annoying when people make stuff up. Maybe if you did something interesting you wouldn't have time to talk about things I did three years ago. I've heard that I've done everything from gang bangs to fistings, and I'm like, 'Oh, really? Where was I? Show me.'"

Here's what really went down, according to Katie Rose. When she was 18, she was engaged (to Abe from the Slash City Daggers, for anyone who's been around the Valley long enough to remember those guys), and the two of them got into porn together.

"It was something we did as a couple because we thought it was fucking hot, and then we got smart about it and figured out we could kill two birds with one stone and start making a lot of money," she says. "Most everything I did was solo, and then I had one or two shoots that were with another girl. If you see me having sex with a guy in a video, that's my [former] fiancé. And you're going to see a big Katie Rose tattoo on his arm."

She says that in addition to the Internet videos she made with a Web site called First Time Videos (, she also worked as a model recruiter and as a model for some of the fetish magazines under Larry Flynt's Hustler brand.

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What an amazing story about Katie, going through Detox in Phoenix is not an easy thing to do, but she did it! I went to for detox, it worked but was the hardest decision I had to make in a long time. After that went to rehab, and I'm now clean and sober.


well could you tell me where she is now in 2011?

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