It Girl

Welcome to the Cult of Katie Rose. Hope your liver can handle it

(No one from the production company returned calls.)

Though she was rumored to be moving to New York soon to work for the network, Katie says she's put those plans on hold for a while.

"After my mom died, I just wanted to go. Everything I drove by was a memory. I thought that changing my location would change what I was feeling," she says. "But I don't want to move to a bigger city where there's just more people and more drugs. I just want to get my shit together and be sober. I want to know that I can be together. I want to have a things-to-do list."

Giulio Sciorio
Katie Rose and a model whose tattoos rival her own
Giulio Sciorio
Katie Rose and a model whose tattoos rival her own

So why does anyone care about Katie Rose? For the same reason the same people obsessively downloaded Paris Hilton's porn and constantly speculate about Lindsay Lohan's weight.

She's cooler than us and she's not even trying. She's beautiful, untouchable -- and incredibly flawed. And the flaws make for delicious gossip.

The fact that she'll spit in your face if you piss her off -- just ask the guy who called her friend a slut at Casey Moore's on her birthday -- and she doesn't care what you say about her only makes people love to hate her even more. And she knows it.

"I was either going to let it break me and make me crumble, or I was going to rise above it," she says in true faux-celeb fashion. "If you hide from other people, you're hiding from yourself, and you will do that forever."

Welcome to the cult of Katie Rose.

Admit it. You're hooked.

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What an amazing story about Katie, going through Detox in Phoenix is not an easy thing to do, but she did it! I went to for detox, it worked but was the hardest decision I had to make in a long time. After that went to rehab, and I'm now clean and sober.


well could you tell me where she is now in 2011?

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