A little note in response to your response to the letter from the Wrigley Mansion folks ("Editor's Note," Letters, May 18): Your paper, unlike The Onion, Mad Magazine, and National Lampoon, isn't known for parody. Rather, it's known for sometimes great and sometimes sleazy investigative reporting -- the polygamy stories (see "Polygamy in Arizona") being the former and the ASU athletics column being the latter. [Both the series and the columns are by John Dougherty.]

I know the "Xtreme Cuisine" story got more outrageous as it went on, but I attributed that to "Chef Yamamoto" rather than satire. Apparently, not everyone's smart enough to figure out your satire.
Name withheld by request

The Dogmom cometh: First off, I don't think it was in good taste (no pun intended) to print an article like "Xtreme Cuisine." It is terrible to spray all that garbage about in your newspaper. Even though you say it was a spoof, people like myself, who love animals, are having a really hard time not wanting to hunt down this guy Kaz Yamamoto.

Even if the article is a big funny something to someone, I find nothing humorous about it and wish that you'd take into consideration the large amount of animal lovers that you've messed with!
Teresa "the Dogmom," Phoenix

But how do you really feel?: I'm the Dogmom's friend. Yeah, I read your article or fake story or whatever you call it. That was gay, bro! I mean, it wasn't even funny. It was fucking stupid. I guess stupid things or ideas come from stupid people. How about I write a fake article about you eating your mom and dad? That's the comparison of how an animal lover feels after reading that story.

We can even say in the fake story that you invited your grandpa and grandma to enjoy mom and dad for dinner. Anyway, stupid fucking idiots, if the stories are fake, say it in the beginning. After all, you have to be bored, brain-dead fucking losers to have the time to make up shit like that. Bye, fucking morons.
James Kelly, Phoenix

Of course we're credible . . . except when we're not: Without even addressing the "spoof" article itself (which would take pages), I'll stick to your response to the Wrigley Mansion's letter. If you want to compare yourself to Mad Magazine or The Onion, that's terrific. However, I thought your aim was to be a credible news source.

If you want to be viewed as a humor publication, fine. But don't expect me to trust anything I read in New Times.

Remember [past parodies in New Times, such as] "Yemen-Aid," or the cover photo of Grant Woods with the escaped convict? Don't you guys ever learn? Being cute, snide and precocious -- is it really worth this?
S. Brian Beckett, Phoenix

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