In this day and age, with immigration being such an important issue, don't you all think that this was (is) in poor taste? Not to mention the fact that it is just a tad bit disrespectful to the Mexican-Americans in your community. Even if you are Hispanic by birth, have some respect for your own people. All this really accomplishes is to fuel the already heated fire of the immigration issue. Even if the editors of this publication stand by this under the guise of "freedom of speech," which I do support, they should have the decency to recognize that many people will find this offensive on both sides of the issue. As far as your response to the individual known as Gabacho, you really never answered his question. If you are going to have a column called "Ask a Mexican," at least answer the question that has been asked.

P.S. As far as my "hilarious pseudonym," you may call me "The Pinche Gringo."
Taylor Douglas Theron Hardy, Tucson

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