You don't know our copy girl: I am sure that Stephen Lemons does not really exist. That is to say, at New Times you folks must draw straws to see who is going to get a free lunch for the effort of putting out a bit of satire. "Lemons'" notion that he (or she, depending on who wins the pool that week) is doing a public service by eating for free in restaurants that are just getting started, and then telling the public if they should go or not, is ridiculous. Unless he is reviewing a new Burger King, the nature of restaurants starting out, almost by definition, is that they will be inconsistent. So Lemons goes in, has a great time, says, "Hey, you all should get down there." Of course, there is an excellent chance that the next meal won't be that good. Now the public was misled, and the restaurant gets more black eyes than it would have gotten without the extra publicity. If Ms. or Mr. Lemons has a mediocre experience, which may have been this restaurant's worst night ever, the public and the restaurant owner are once again simply being abused. Privately owned restaurants simply need time to get established. Real diners know that and can tell which restaurants deserve another visit and which ones may not. That is part of the excitement of fine dining, and if you can't afford to play, you should stick to McDonald's. But under no circumstances should anyone listen to one person's critique of a new restaurant, even if the copy girl is chosen to be that week's food critic.
Greg Brownell, Phoenix

Last Hip-Hop Hurrah

No static at all: So the hip-hop radio station "Power 92" is going away ("Power Failure," May 18)? Right on! This is the best piece of news I have ever read in New Times. Even though I do not listen to that station, I resent even having to tune through it while surfing. Regardless of the fact that the Mormons are behind the switch, a blow has been struck for intelligence on the Phoenix radio scene. News and talk radio on the crystal-clear FM band? Yes sir, and yes ma'am! I can hardly wait until September 1 when a silent but collective cheer will go up in the local radio-listening community. The only tragic part is that current 92.3 listeners probably won't stay tuned to the new format. Oh, well, we've all heard the old saying before: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Thank you, KTAR, for bringing us this new oasis.
Bill Summers, Glendale

Distant Relations

The Nazi's copy was always late: I can't believe the culturally insensitive, racist crap that hides as free speech in your weekly column "Ask a Mexican." Why not a column called "Ask a Nazi"? The damage Gustavo Arellano does to Mexican-American relations will not be undone.
Stephen D. Saulka, Glendale

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