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Boston represents: Bane
Boston represents: Bane


Scheduled to perform on Tuesday, June 27
Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe
Though somewhat overlooked over the years because of similar yet much-hyped scenes to its south -- primarily in New York City and Washington, D.C. -- Boston hardcore boasts a solid history of no-bullshit, no-holds-barred thrash-punk and some killer hometown heroes, including Gang Green, SSD, and Impact Unit (Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer Dicky Barrett's first, and best, band). Carrying on the city's tradition is Bane, which got its start in the mid-'90s as a side project of the Beantown metalcore outfit Converge, but the quintet, which has endured a handful of lineup changes since, has become a force in its own right thanks largely to the gruff, powerful punch of vocalist Aaron Bedard. Bane's style owes a bit to Snapcase, in that the band is able to expand the formula at times (e.g., the expansive, melodic chords and haunting piano interlude in "Pot Committed," from new album The Note) while also staying true to vintage hardcore's staccato wallop; the band's socially conscious, anti-violence stance will also remind some of Fugazi or Sick of It All. Versatile enough to have successfully shared stages with Agnostic Front, Thursday, and Hatebreed, Bane is particularly renowned for its potent live show -- fans of all stripes of heavy music are highly advised to check out one of Boston's best.
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