Blunt Club

Return of the Element

It's always good to see our local needle-sharers hitting the road with outta-town acts, but it's even cooler when they breeze into town and get a li'l bit of a homecoming crowd out to hype them up. DJ Element, one of the 'Nix's best known turntable talents, has been out on the road with Durango, Colorado's five-piece hip-hop band Dialogue, and this Thursday, June 29, they all hit the Blunt Club at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, along with Jivin' Scientists from Tucson. Dialogue promises to be a beat-treat as well, being perhaps the only hip-hop outfit ever to employ a mandolin in its live instrumentation. Talk about eclectic . . . Dialogue's blend of stylistics and progressively conscious spin on hip-hop will fit right in to the Blunt Club's aesthetic. As always, locals Hyder, Pickster Uno, and Tricky T will be on the steel wheels as well, with the original big man Emerg McVay hosting the jams.

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