Candy Thomas

Judge Thomas O'Toole made tough-talkin' Andy Thomas a loser, but sounds like he's a big chicken, too?

The Bird's no lawyer, but Joseph seems to be correct. The CDA decrees: "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."

That's a Holland Tunnel-size libel loophole. And it's only valid when it comes to Internet publishing. Print publications can indeed be sued for false info.

But ladies, one thing to remember is (according to The Bird's lawyer): Though a Webmistress like Joseph isn't liable, the poster of any false information damn well could be — if the offended party can figure out who you are.

Maybe we should be flattered that our county attorney, um, respects us all so much.
Fred Harper
Maybe we should be flattered that our county attorney, um, respects us all so much.

And that shouldn't be all that hard, should it? The first place any offended guy's gonna look is his jilted ex-gal pal.

Despite the protection afforded her under the law, Joseph says somebody in Pittsburgh's trying to sue her. But she's undaunted. If a dude's the victim of character assassination on her site, she says, he should post a rebuttal.

"What I'm doing is giving women a chance to air these things out and warn other women," insisted Joseph. "It says all over the Web site to use it responsibly. If people are not going to use it responsibly, I'm not going to take that on myself."

Chicks may think all this is a hoot, but Joseph says she's looking into starting a similar site for gents. But can The Bird suggest a slightly different tack? A Web site for guys to tell each other about women who'll do it at the drop of a hat. Maybe call it A quick Google check shows the site name's available.

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