When does it end? Do we really not care about these tactics, or are we just turning a blind eye? We are the ones who vote these guys in. I'm for organizing recalls.
Name withheld by request

Money Talks

A black eye for ASU: After reading your column ("Prez House Stench," John Dougherty, July 6), it didn't amaze me that ASU would be caught in another controversy. There was the one involving student-athletes and their off-the-field problems ("Fire HIM!," May 4). Now this affliction with bad publicity has moved to other parts of the campus.

It seemed that money was involved in the student-athlete scandal, and it looks like the real estate scam will net a couple of "decent" citizens a nice bankroll at the expense of the school.

Why do situations like this arise in our educational institutions? Because everyone is out for a buck nowadays, and individuals resorting to these illegal tactics know they can get away with it without legal prosecution.

But outside individuals aside, what is this world coming to when you can't trust the people placed in upper-level positions at universities to act with at least some modicum of dignity? This type of imagery reflects poorly on an educational institution that already has a black eye.
Name withheld by request

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