That is your opinion, and I won't say you cannot write it since we have freedom of speech in this country. But I've been a member of the LDS all my life, and I know that, while you have done a lot of research, you haven't done enough.

This church loves its children more than I can describe, and it wouldn't put them in harm's way. We base our beliefs on Christ's teachings, and he wouldn't allow the harming of children.

We don't practice polygamy in the mainstream church any longer because we were commanded not to do so by the Heavenly Father; it isn't just because the law demanded it. When we did practice polygamy a long time ago, we didn't allow our daughters to marry very young. We protected them until they were grown.

Fred Harper

Do your homework better, and you will find that we help many people everywhere. But, more important, you will find that we do practice what we preach.
JeriLynn Chapman, Mesa

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