Scammer From the Slammer

Here's why you shouldn't believe a word of an ex-con's bombshell "news story" about the Mexican government's helping illegal immigrants to enter the U.S.

"It was my social security number then, but it is not my social security number now," he said.

I don't believe Harrington for a second.

So I tracked down Judy Lynn Harrington, who is now living out of state with her two sons, whom she said were fathered by Randy Harrington.

Now he's a journalist: Randy Harrington in a booking photo.
Now he's a journalist: Randy Harrington in a booking photo.

Her son Andrew, 17, answered my phone call, and I discussed the situation with him briefly before he contacted his mother at work and we had a three-way conversation.

When I first told Andrew I was calling about Randy Harrington, there was a moment of silence, and then the young man said:

"That's not my dad. But he's my father. We've been looking for him for 14 years."

Andrew has no love lost for his AWOL father because of how he abandoned Andrew's mother and brother and how he treated her during their marriage.

"I don't want to meet him because I'll end up hurting him," Andrew said.

Judy Lynn said she was married to Randy between April 1990 and February 1994. These are the same dates that appear in the child-support order.

"Everything I knew about this man was a lie," Judy Lynn said. "Everything."

Judy Lynn stated that Randy abandoned the family in December 1991, and she hasn't seen him since. The last time she talked to him was during a 2001 child-support hearing.

Judy said she fell in love with Randy because he claimed to have been a retired cop and a Vietnam War veteran who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor.

"After he left me, I looked it up, and he was never in the military," she said.

Maricopa County Superior Court records reveal that Judy Lynn was not Randy's only wife during the early 1990s. Randy Harrington was married to Deborahann J. Harrington in Las Vegas in November 1984. The marriage was annulled on November 19, 2001.

During the course of the annulment proceedings, Superior Court records reveal that Randy was married to yet another woman at the same time — Teresa Gutierrez. Court records show that Randy married Gutierrez in November 1981 and that she later filed for divorce in 1984 in Los Angeles, but that the divorce was never finalized.

The duplicity in Harrington's personal life is matched in his professional life.

Randy Harrington was convicted of felony grand theft and attempted theft in Orange County, California, in September 1993. He told me he spent "six months" in prison. He said the charge was related to when he was practicing law in California. Court documents show that he never graduated from law school.

He pleaded guilty to misconduct involving a weapon after he was arrested by Chandler police during a March 1999 domestic dispute with Deborahann Harrington. He was sentenced to prison and served about a year, he says.

Most recently, Randy Harrington pleaded guilty to attempting to practice medicine without a license. He was sentenced to three years on supervised probation last April. His probation officer was unable verify a list of supposed academic credentials, including a law degree from UCLA, a Ph.D. from UCLA, and Doctor of Osteopathy from Midwestern University.

"Police attempted to verify each of Harrington's claims and learned [that] none of the institutions or medical agencies have any record of him," a March 31 pre-sentence report states.

Harrington faces the possibility of additional felony charges stemming from allegations that he submitted false documents to the court and county attorney's office in connection with the investigation that led to his guilty plea in the practicing-without-a-medical-license case.

It's amazing that Harrington has gotten away with one scam after another for more than 15 years and that he still remains free to gin up stories about illegal immigrants receiving money, tips and cash from Mexican authorities and getting assistance from John McCain's staff.

It's even more appalling that law-and-order Sheriff Arpaio had Harrington in custody from September 2005 through April 1 and never arrested the bum for being delinquent by at least $31,000 in child-support payments.

Perhaps that's why Harrington cranked out his "news story" praising the noble Sheriff Joe's relentless attack on illegal Mexican immigrants.

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