The Last Meal

The Bird is fried over the closing of Stacy's and the not-so-Christian shenanigans of a dean at Grand Canyon University

And since counselors aren't supposed to have any sort of sexual contact with patients, the state of Washington told Godwin O. Igein to spend 12 hours taking classes on "professional boundaries, ethics, and law."

Enter The Bird, who's here to say that it sounds like Godwin O. Igein — aside from being saddled with the sort of name that even Engelbert Humperdinck would have changed — got pretty lucky. He messed around with a patient, but all he had to do was take a few classes, and the whole sordid mess was behind him.

But Godwin O. Igein didn't seize the opportunity when he could have, this pecking newsgatherer has learned. According to a "stipulated finding of fact" filed with the state of Washington in 2004, Igein didn't bother to complete the classes within two years of getting busted. As a result, Washington indefinitely suspended his license. And according to records, the state of Arizona, where Igein is also licensed to counsel, followed suit in February 2005.

The award-winning Stacy Phipps
Peter Scanlon
The award-winning Stacy Phipps

Grand Canyon University, on the other hand, didn't much care about all this inappropriate behavior. Igein didn't bother to return calls for comment. And that really ruffles this bird's feathers!

At some point, Greater Phoenix's "Christian" university hired the former Washingtonian. And, records show, even after Arizona stripped him of his counseling license, Grand Canyon promoted him. Today, Igein is Grand Canyon's dean of Academic Services.

So did those Christian academics not know about the sexual transgression, or just not care? University spokesman Bill Jenkins told The Bird he's heard there was an "e-mail effort" to discredit Igein "some time ago" — Jenkins isn't sure of dates — and that the college investigated.

"We never found any merit to any of it," he claimed.

Since Jenkins wasn't yet on staff at the time, he referred further questions to Linda Rawles, Grand Canyon U's general counsel. She left this pissy parakeet a voice mail saying it was the university's "firm policy" not to discuss matters about specific employees.

"I'm sure New Times has the same policy if someone called and asked about you, and we all appreciate that," Rawles quipped, no doubt cracking herself up.

Indeed, The Bird is grateful that New Times probably wouldn't spill the beans on its sexual peccadilloes; if this smarmy squawker's one-night stand with Foghorn Leghorn ever got out, feathers would fly all over town!

But since Igein's, er, sexual contacts are a matter of public record, and since parents of Grand Canyon students might not be thrilled to know his history of diddling patients, The Bird can't help but wonder why this Christian college doesn't seem to care.

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