Having someone like Major Tate in charge is a liability, not an asset. ("I will go to war, but I won't fire." Give me a break, lady!) This isn't to say her service hasn't been beneficial to the Army in other ways, and she deserves credit for that much.

She has come clean about being incapable of full-fledged combat, so the Army should do the right thing and let her go! The Army should give her an honorable discharge, and adopt new techniques to filter out the non-killer wimps who will only put others at risk in combat.
William W. Summers, Glendale

Standing up for what's right: I have to applaud Ann Marie Tate for standing up for what she knows is right, which (speaking from experience) is extremely hard to do in the military.
Name withheld by request

Hot Flashes

Too many snakes in the garden: It comes as no surprise to me that the Havasupai are in the situation they're in ("No Power for the Powerless," John Dougherty, July 20).

The Havasupai live deep in the Grand Canyon — out of sight and out of mind. Their reservation was once a beautiful place, a garden of Eden! Too bad U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs policies have seldom responded appropriately to the needs of Native Americans.
Barry Childers, via the Internet

Conspiracy theorist: It's truly barbaric that the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs would be party to the Havasupai's losing electricity for much of the sweltering summer. Could this be another Bush administration debacle? What you say is true: If the Indians had an ounce of political power, this situation would have been solved long ago.

But if you're waiting for Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to do something about this, don't hold your breath. She'll get to this problem as soon as she fixes the problem of underage girls getting raped by polygamists in Colorado City (see the "Polygamy in Arizona" series). In other words, that would be never.

As New Times has pointed out many times over, Janet has little interest in fixing anything unless she gets some political benefit. A little band of Indians can't do her much good, or much harm, so fuck 'em! About all Janet is staunchly on the record as supporting are educational programs for our kids. I mean, who's not for that?!

The Havasupai are just lucky that it doesn't get as hot where they are as it does in Phoenix during July and August, because they are in for a long stint without power, I'd predict.
Lori Cunningham, Phoenix

Caged heat: I find it interesting that Nicolas Cage was filming a movie on the Havasupai reservation, because he obviously had to be aware of the tribe's situation. Hollywood types like to hype themselves (think Angelina Jolie) for a "good cause," so why didn't he donate the generators his movie company had brought in, even if only temporarily, to help solve the Havasupai's power-outage problem?

Shame on him!

I also agree with your assessment of Governor Janet Napolitano. I thought she was a good choice initially, as she seemed strong in her convictions. Because of recent issues she has either eschewed, backpedaled on or simply ignored, I now feel less than supportive of her overall policies.

Overall, I was very impressed with John Dougherty's reporting. I will continue to look for his work. Thank you for not pulling your punches. It's what's needed to force change.
Paul J. Nordin, via the Internet

Unfit to print: I read your "No Power for the Powerless" column and can only muster words unfit for publication, even in New Times. I could launch into a long rant about the ineffective officials involved in this election year, but that won't solve much of anything. If it would help, I would backpack insulin and ice into the canyon myself.
Ian Derk, Tempe

Power to the people: It saddens me that the agencies involved hadn't the decency to fix the power problem in Supai in short order.

As have so many Arizonans, I have been to the beautiful waterfalls on the Havasupai reservation many times. If not for humanitarian reasons, you would think that Arizona tourism officials would labor long and hard to fix this problem because of all the tourism dollars the state is losing.

But you're dreaming if you think Janet Napolitano is going to come down from her throne and do anything for a little band of Indians who probably don't even vote. But I vote, and I have voted for Janet in the past. Not this time around.
Tom Owens, Phoenix

Word Games

"Illegal" is not a sick bird: I am impelled to respond to The Bird's droppings soiling your fine publication ("No Huevos," June 29). Bird, you are correct in regard to the Grassfire organization's misuse of the word "invasion." A more suitable word is "infestation." Look it up, birdbrain. Webster's reads: "To overrun in large numbers so as to be harmful or unpleasant."

Exactly! We are being overrun, in large numbers. They (the criminal Mexican infesters) are harmful to our country, and it's very unpleasant.

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