Toy Box Killing

A dad whose child suffocated inside a toy chest is indicted on felony child abuse charges here and arrested in Michigan

For myriad reasons, child abuse cases akin to this can be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors often must rely on expert witnesses to try to convince jurors that the accused committed the crime.

In this case, defense attorneys surely will contend that Abbey's death was a terrible accident, and that if anyone physically abused the baby, it was her mother, not Eric Natzel.

The defense also certainly will ask a judge to suppress Natzel's self-incriminating statements at the hospital on the night that Abbey died.

Eric Natzel was playing a video game when his baby died.
Eric Natzel was playing a video game when his baby died.

Natzel faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted on the more serious of the two felony counts, which is classified as a dangerous crime against a child.

Natzel has waived extradition, but it is uncertain when he will be returned to Arizona to answer the charges.

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As a mother my self ,I can only hope that we all learn form this . Look at the Big picure. I pry for the family everyday, and that child is in a better place.


Lets put Netzel in a big box, beat him and then let him suffocate! Disgusting - poor little girl will never know life as it was meant to all because of some video games


I agree, but the video game things was mere speculation, that's pretty far-fetched and biased don't you think?

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