Farrakhan Follies

Could Louis Farrakhan's visit to the Navajo Nation have anything to do with tribe Prez Joe Shirley's tight reelection bid? Inquiring tweeters want to know

Indeed, 'bout a month or so ago, one of this gossipy gull's pals spotted McCain with wife Cindy and their adopted Bangladeshi daughter, Bridget, in the notoriously gay-friendly bar-eatery Burger Betty's (formerly Hamburger Mary's), well-known for its drag shows, karaoke nights, chummy wait staff, and kick-ass ostrich burgers. (Noshing ostrich might be cannibalism for this omnivorous oriole, but those lean, gamey patties taste so daggum delish!)

"They totally looked like your typical suburban family," tweeted The Bird's bud, who spotted them as they came in for a late lunch. "He was wearing shorts, a polo shirt and a baseball cap. Cindy had on a tee shirt and yoga pants, with her hair in a ponytail. I asked the waiter if that was John McCain, but no one who worked there seemed to know who John McCain was!"

Still, the word must've gotten around, because when The Bird called the Aussie-themed roadhouse on Seventh Street, just north of Camelback Road, general manager Chip Grant confirmed the McCain sighting, though he hadn't been on duty that day.

"They came in, they ate, and they left," chirped Chip. "It didn't really cause a stir."

"So McCain's not a regular?" inquired this avian.

"Noooo," cooed the GM. "He won't be a regular here. We're a gay restaurant. If he's gonna run for president, he doesn't want to be in here too often."

But how could McCain not know Burger Betty's rep, what with cheeky menu items like the "Phoenix Flamer" burger, or the "Bonsai Buns" sammy? Maybe the visit was McCain's way of winking to his gay constituency, letting them know this mess with Munsil and Prop 107 is just politics.

Or maybe the guy's just another fork-tongued asshole. Either way, on that day, McCain most likely sank his teeth into some rather, ahem, queer meat.

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