Liberals are as much responsible for soiling the reputation of liberalism as child molesters are to blame for putting a social stigma on pedophilia. If the United States wants to monitor overseas calls to catch terrorists, that doesn't mean that Big Brother is coming to drag you out of Starbucks and throw you into a gulag. Wake up!
John Kestner, Peoria

Preaching to the Choir

Big love from a colleague: I just got around to reading the May 25 column by John Dougherty about the fundamentalist Mormon Church and the mainstream Mormon Church comparisons ("It Practices What They Preach"). What great writing (what a stellar wrap-up in the last lines)!

I would imagine it takes great passion, a lot of legwork and a load of courage to continue to successfully dig into the issues of polygamy and Mormonism right in the heart of it all.

You've been commended all over the Internet for your work. As a journalist myself, I just wanted to say kudos to New Times from a Big Love fan who grew up with Mormon friends in Kansas City, and who has always had a morbid curiosity about this whole idea.
Jennifer Huffman, Des Moines, Iowa

Shout-Outs for John

He'll be missed: About John Dougherty's decision to leave New Times ("Vaya Con Dios," August 31), journalism in the Valley of the Sun will never be the same. I didn't always agree with John, but I always respected his professionalism and dedication to the truth. He will be missed, but he left many great memories behind.
Ron Pies, Tempe

Kudos from a reader: It's sad to see John Dougherty go. I don't like authority, I don't like corruption, and I don't really like rich people. So I've looked forward to reading Dougherty's work. I hope he's right about New Times continuing where he left off with as much vigor and balls.
James O'Brien, Tempe

Admirable work: I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated John Dougherty's stories over the last few years. I was disappointed to read his last column.

As you probably already know, there are a lot of people in this town who admire the work he did. It's very fitting that he left the paper the same month Warren Jeffs was arrested. Talk about closure.
Joe Dana, Channel 12 News

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