Da Mayor's Debacle

The foul fowl crows over Scottsdale's vote-down of the anti-lap-dance prop, a major slap-down of Mayor Mary Manross

"It's hurt me an awful lot," LeBlanc informed this beaker shortly before the Father's ticker tuckered out on him a tad. "I've been getting calls from California, France, Canada, and the East Coast. They say, `Were you excommunicated by the Pope? We read it in the bulletin that goes on the Internet.'"

The split between LeBlanc and the Diocese mirrors the larger split between Traditionalist Catholics who hold onto pre-Vatican II customs and liturgy, and reformers who accept Vatican II and the new mass of Pope Paul VI, said in the vernacular (English for us Anglos), rather than Latin.

Potatoes O'Brien regarded LeBlanc's celebration of the Tridentine mass as "schismatic." Olmsted allows the Tridentine mass to be said by his appointed priests, but does not regard LeBlanc or his church as part of the Diocese of Phoenix, according to Diocese spokesperson Jim Dwyer.

Still, LA-based Papal Knight and Catholic scholar Charles Coulombe claims LeBlanc can operate as an independent priest under canon law and give the sacraments "so long as he doesn't pretend to be a diocesan setup, so long as he's validly ordained and so long as he has never been censured by his own bishop," who in LeBlanc's case, is in Canada.

Ultimately, this nest-builder believes the Diocese of Phoenix would love to see LeBlanc's very profitable shrine disgraced so that parishioners will take their business to one of the Diocesan churches, like Father Ruygt's St. Clare of Assisi. Has the Diocese no shame?! Crikey, where's Martin Luther when you need him?

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Some victims of the Cornwall sex abuse scandal are receiving large financial settlements after decades of allegations that a cover-up of a pedophile ring existed in the eastern Ontario city, CTV Ottawa has learned.

The sex abuse scandal was uncovered in the early 1990s. A public inquiry ended in December 2009 after four years. The inquiry found the Catholic Church, police, the Ontario government and the legal system all failed to protect children from sexual predators.

Now, Ontario’s attorney general has confirmed to CTV that several financial settlements have been reached with victims, and more lawsuits are outstanding.

Although confidentiality agreements could mean taxpayers will never learn the true cost of the settlements, a former MPP predicts the payouts will total tens of millions of dollars.

“I would look at somewhere between $70-100 million,” said Garry Guzzo, a former Conservative MPP who blew the whistle on the scandal and pushed for a public inquiry. The Courts in Cornwall are going to ask David Ostler to appear in court for his abuse of alter boys.

“It’s a lot of money coming from very few taxpayers, and the people of the Catholic Church are taxpayers.”


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