Also, the weekly strip by the same guy, Jim Mahfood, on your Letters page is pretty good, too. He ain't Doonesbury, Dilbert or Boondocks yet, but he might get there.
Mike Ross, via the Internet

Cocktail weenie: When I saw the front page of the September 14 New Times, I thought I might find a challenging article inside about the immigration debate and something that addressed America's dilemma with our border problems.

As thousands of illegals pour over our borders and fill our hospitals and jails, I did wonder "What Would Jesus Do" in this situation.

But forcing myself to read the abominably lame cartoon inside, I have to wonder if there's anything worth defending in this country if we're going to publish the kind of oh-so-hip-to-hate-ourselves morons that produced "The Passion of El Cristo."

Do I need to hold back here? No. These idiots are so obnoxious and so clueless that they come off like a 5-year-old brat exposing himself to every guest at his parents' cocktail party.

That New Times would devote so many pages to a cartoonist who cannot fill the lower corner of the letters page with a comprehensible cartoon makes me wonder if the editorial staff had the cocktail party to allow their monstrous child to misbehave.

New Times has become a parody of the meltdown left. I had some hope when The Bird confronted the loons who believe that George Bush and the United States were behind 9/11 ("Loose Screws," Stephen Lemons, September 7), but now I've actually reached the point where I regret reading a free newspaper. Good job!
John Kestner, Peoria

Magnifying Len

Slow news day: High five to the beaked wonder for outing the fornicating Munsils ("Munsil's Bastard," The Bird, September 14). Now my curiosity has been piqued. I want to know more about the Godless sex-mongers.

Can NT please do an exposé on the lust-bird running for guv? When did the heinous copulation occur? Where? How often? Who knew? And, what does the poor bastard (the unfortunate illegitimate son — not Len) think of his hypocritical parents? We are dying for the scoop on this!
Name withheld by request


Blanket condemnation: "Farrakhaned"? Not at all. What the Navajo Nation got was "Farrakhan-structive criticism" ("Farrakhan Follies," The Bird, September 14)!

Kudos to tribe President Joe Shirley for bringing that so-called "Lightning Rod" to the reservation. Maybe, if Shirley was lucky, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan sparked a flame under the asses of a few tired, disgruntled Navajos.

And just so no one gets the wrong idea, I am a person with European blood flowing through my veins: Italian, Irish and French. The rest is black, Cuban and Seminole. I am also a Muslim, although I certainly don't agree with many of the teachings, tenets or rhetoric of the Nation of Islam. Every once in a while, however, it hits the proverbial nail on its motherfucking head.

That is, you cannot defeat racism with picket signs, prayer or peaceful demonstrations. You need pistols, poisons, and plastique — instruments of violence — the only things the ignorant racist mind fathoms.

This world needs more men like George Jackson, Malcolm X and Leonard Peltier, not traitors and sellouts like "Uncle" Martin Luther King. How the fuck is a racist to know you are fed up with the bullshit when all you do is walk from place to place, singing the hymns of brainwashed niggers everywhere, letting German shepherds take bites out of your ass along the way? He can't. The frustration of the oppressed has to be translated: AK-47s, Mini-14s and Tec-9s.

I myself don't hate any people as a whole. But what I do hate are the sack-of-shit self-righteous bastards who feign indignation and outrage at anyone that attempts to forcibly motivate the oppressed masses into action. Especially in the United Snakes.

This country, more than any other on Earth, needs to be gutted and remodeled. From the poorest corner of every reservation, ghetto and trailer park, all the way to the big white plantation house. Only then will men like Louis Farrakhan be able to use their mouths on something more palate-friendly, like bean pie.

New Times probably won't print this letter, or if it is used, it will be edited for sensitive readers. That seems to be the way it goes over there. At least since it became a forum for chicken-shit, quasi-journalists like Stephen Lemons. New Times gets the bird for hiring a cock with no balls!
Chris Johnson, Phoenix

For example, it got him out of Illinois for a while: I'm sorry Stephen Lemons couldn't see anything positive about Minister Farrakhan's visit with the Navajos. Lemons is a very creative individual. Why not put the same effort used to slander Minister Farrakhan into writing something praiseworthy, as well?

The writer of The Bird may find that challenging, but don't good writers enjoy new and challenging things?

Essentially, he could apply the same microscope to any leader, teacher or citizen, and find similar contradictions and inconsistencies to those he noted about Minister Farrakhan.

New Times' approach to Minister Farrakhan follows the same line of thinking used by journalists for the past 20 years. He has grown, and it seems those who write about him the most have not.
Eric Basir, Evanston, Illinois

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